I feel so incredibly blessed to have been chosen in several different publications of international photography and modeling magazines, including being chosen as Photographer of the Month in the June, 2022 issue of Child Couture Magazine. Each issue has thousands of potential images so to be chosen is a huge honor that I do not take lightly! Below are some of the pages for you to enjoy!

Published works found in:

*Child Couture Magazine: March 2021

*Kid Model Magazine: March 2021

*Child Couture Magazine: June 2022, Photographer of the Month Award, Gold Winner: Advanced Edits, Gold Winner: Pastel Gowns

*Child Couture Magazine: July 2022, Silver Winner: Sunshine Couture

*Shutter Up Magazine: August 2022

*Child Couture Magazine: September 2022: Inside Cover Winner, Gold Winner: Big and Beautiful Gowns

*Child Couture Magazine: October 2022: Silver Winner: Dark Painterly, Bronze Winner: Ghoul Couture

*Brand Model Magazine: January 2023

*Kid Model Magazine: 50 Most Beautiful Models: February 2023

*Kid Model 2023 Calendar: Miss December

*Young Model Magazine: Most Beautiful Top 50: February 2023

*Young Model 2023 Calendar: Miss June

*Iconic Child Magazine: Breathtaking Top 50, February 2023

*Child Couture Magazine: February 2023: Gold Winner, Painterly Portraits, Gold Winner: Blooms and Blush

*Teen Couture Magazine: January 2024: Back Cover Winner, Featured Photographer in Floral Gowns and Sweet 16