The story of this photographer

Hello everybody! I'm Crystal and I am going to give you pictures that you will love for the rest of your life.

A little about me: I have loved photography my entire life! I grew up in Michigan, where I spent my free time taking pictures of everything I saw: people, lakes, trees, animals...

I had always dreamed of pursuing a career in photography. However, after I graduated high school in Michigan, I was given the amazing opportunity to travel with Disney on Ice. I had been a figure skater since I was four years old and this was also my dream. I traveled the world with Disney for many exciting years. In 2010, I married my wonderful husband and we moved to Florida. When my son was born, I rekindled my love of photography. I loved taking pictures of him! Finally, when my daughter was born, I started professionally photographing my children for small business brands. It was a wonderful opportunity to get back to doing something I loved and still be home with my kids! Before I knew it, friends were asking me to photograph their kids... and so it began.

Now, all these years later, my passion for photography has only grown. I have discovered my love of fine art editing and composite work as well as helping families capture those special moments- the ones that you cherish for years and years to come by proudly displaying them on their walls! I love that, in this business, I am able to help contribute to my family's income and allow my son to play soccer and my daughter to do dance. I love that I can work my schedule around them and never miss a special moment with them. My family is the most important thing in this world to me so how cool is it that I get to help them by helping you?!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photographs. I love looking at them, taking them, hanging them in my home. I especially resonate with images that show emotion- whether that be joy, sadness, calm, or wonder. Nothing makes me happier than to show you your images and watch your eyes light up and to decorate your home with heirloom artwork that will make you smile every time you walk by them and can be passed down generation to generation.

I am a photographer because I believe that art should make you FEEL. Some people are talented painters, sketch artists, crafters, authors, sculptors, etc. and their work creates feelings of all kinds. My art is photography. Anyone can take a picture, but only an artist can make you FEEL something from it.


Jessica h, fl

“Crystal was prompt in responding to my inquiry, transparent about her work and quick to communicate. In person she was absolutely awesome! Super nice and made my daughter feel so comfortable. She had such patience and got some amazing shots. I am so happy with my daughter's 1st birthday fairy pictures and would highly recommend if you are looking for "magical" photos.”

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