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We talk about the challenges of childhood. We talk about how hard the teenage years are. But one group of kids is getting left out- perhaps the biggest changes occur during the Tween years and yet, these children are grossly under-represented. The Self Esteem of our tween girls (between the ages of 8-12) gets lower every year. According to multiple studies done by top research facilities and universities, the tween years are incredibly hard on these little girls.

*80% of girls between the ages of 8 and 12 admit to being on a diet because they feel they are too fat.

*50% of tweens admit to being bullied at school.

*70% of tweens report having negative feelings about themselves.

*Finally, according to a study from Stanford University, the self-esteem of the average girl will drop a whopping 40% between the ages of 8 and 12.

All I can say, as a parent of a tween myself, is WE CAN DO BETTER.

TWEEN DREAMS is a movement started by the creators of Your Fairy Godmother Couture and Child Couture Magazine in an effort to show tween girls how beautiful they are on the inside AND outside and give them the opportunity to be a star for the day. I am HONORED to be one of only 22 photographers participating in this magnificent movement for 2024!

On of the biggest role models for our tweens is the great Taylor Swift. Taylor fights for women's empowerment, stands up to bullies, works incredibly hard to get where she is, does not settle for just being a performer but learns the business side of things as well, and refuses to let her circumstances change who she is. She is a fierce friend, a generous employer, and is constantly giving back to her fans and her crew.

This is why I am so excited to be a part of this year's Taylor Inspired Tween Dreams Movement-

In My Tween Era.


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"In My Tween Era" is for girls ages 8-12. It is for girls who deserve to be celebrated, to feel as beautiful as they truly are, and to have an experience that is all about them. From the personal consultation, hair and makeup styling, choice of GORGEOUS Taylor Swift Inspired gowns, and fun photoshoot- to the event itself with the snacks, drinks, friendship bracelet station, music, and dancing- and then being published in a real magazine! This session is all about creating memories your tween will NEVER forget, and art they they can cherish for a lifetime!


"In My Tween Era" is a unique portrait experience for our Swiftie girls out there! Starting with a personalized consultation so I can get to know your tween, they will then come to our Swiftie Experience where they will get their hair and makeup done (tween appropriate), put on a one-of-a-kind Taylor inspired gown, and have a photo session with music and dancing. We will also have swag bags, friendship bracelets, snacks and drinks for our tweens and their parents! Afterward, your tween can pick their 5 favorite images to be edited and delivered as social media sized digital files and her favorite image will be blown up onto a 20x30 poster to put up in her room so she will always be reminded of how awesome she is! On top of that, the first 4 girls to reserve a spot will receive a feature all about them in Child Couture Magazine!


I will have access to these 4 Eras-Tour-Inspired dresses the weekend of March 22-26, 2024. Exact dates will be determined by how many girls will be participating so just keep that weekend free on your calendar for now!


The In My Tween Era Sessions will take place at my home studio in Four Corners, Florida.


As I said above, the tween generation is extremely underrated and underrepresented. I want to show these girls that, while going through these big changes in their lives, they are still beautiful. I have seen time and time again, a dream portrait session can go a long way in helping these girls believe in themselves and see how special they truly are. I believe that EVERYONE should get to experience a customized portrait session, as it can be life-changing!


Click the button below to begin the process of reserving your spot! Fill out the form and I will contact you ASAP! Remember, the first 4 girls to book will get the feature in Child Couture Magazine! OR... one lucky girl will win this entire session, WITH the magazine feature for free! (Keep Reading!)

the 6 Taylor-inspired dresses

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Each "In My Tween Era" Experience includes:

*A pre-session consultation to get to know your tween.

*A special "ticket" to the party!

*Hair Styling and Makeup (tween appropriate)

*Your choice of 6 gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Taylor inspired gowns

*A full studio session with multiple props and backdrops

*Snacks and Drinks

*Swag Bag full of awesome Taylor-inspired stuff!

*Large 20x30 Poster of your tween in all her amazing Glory!

*(first 4 girls to book) a Feature in Child Couture Magazine and a copy of the issue.

I am offering these sessions this year for an amazing discounted price of $549 (that's over a $250 savings!)

Payment plans available!

Empowerment is absolutely the best gift you can give your tween!