who am i? why should you follow me?

Hey guys! Let me start by saying thank you so much for following my photography career. It is my hope that this blog will help take the uncertainty of all things "photo" out of your mind.

Who am I? I am a dreamer and a realist all rolled up in one bright, shiny package. An inside look into my head could give you whiplash. I get stupid excited about the must mundane things- like when my husband finds my favorite soup at the grocery store. I cry when others cry, and at weddings, and while watching the Sylvan learning commercials- and don't even get me started on soldier reunions with their families. I talk a lot, and fast- like feel free to tell me to slow down if I'm on a kick about something. I love to sing when nobody is listening- or when just my kids are listening because, bless their little hearts, they actually think I have a nice singing voice (I don't). I also love to dance- and you will catch me dancing EVERYWHERE- at church, out with friends, in my car, in the grocery store... I am a very positive person- except when I think the world is falling apart, but at those times I usually just realize I haven't had more than 3 hrs sleep each night for the past week and take a nap, and then everything is better again. I lose my cell phone ALL THE TIME. Like, my husband jokes about attaching it to me somehow and I actually don't think that's a horrible idea. My personality comes through 250% in my texts and emails. Like, I don't even realize it until after its sent that EVERY SINGLE sentence ends with an exclamation mark! Because I'm THAT excited! SEE? And watch out when I get into emoji mode... I am extremely passionate about everything I do- from my family to my business to my friends to my shoes. That is what makes me a good artist-and friend- and wife- and mother...

And now you are saying, "this woman sounds crazy! Do I really want to follow her blog?" The answer is "YES!!!!!"

"Why?" you ask.

Let me tell you:

  1. Photography comes in MANY forms- and I'm not afraid to tell you where my strengths are and where my weaknesses are. If you come to me and ask me to do a super close-up portrait of a bug on a flower, I am NOT your girl. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, I am NOT your girl. But I know some great photographers that specialize in these things that I will be featuring on my blog every so often so stick around!
  2. I was born in the suburbs, raised pretty close to the city, moved to a pretty rural area, and now live in a tourist town. On top of that, I have travelled (almost) the entire United States, Central America, and Europe so I am familiar with a lot of different cultures and ideas- I'm not just your girl-next-door photographer.
  3. I am CONSTANTLY learning. Let me tell you right now, the day I tell you I know everything about photography, smack me across the face and walk away. I am a firm believer in Kaizen- the Japanese art of Continual Improvement. I am always improving my strengths and weaknesses so you will never get bored with me!
  4. I used to be a makeup artist. One thing that I see all the time that can really detract from an image, is when someone has their makeup done incorrectly. Now, I believe that makeup is a form of art and should reflect the wearer, but there is a certain way to apply makeup when getting your photo taken. I will be blogging every so often about how to create a perfect palette for a perfect photo.
  5. I'm not afraid to give you tips and tricks. Keep an eye out for posing tips and even some cool techniques to take your own photos!

So, I have SO much information to share and I really look forward to getting to know you all, hearing your feedback, and, in general, sharing my crazy life!

Stick around for LOTS of fun!