why get back to school photos?

I hear it all the time: "Why should I bother getting back to school photos?" "They are just going to have photos taken within the first couple months." and so on and so on...

Here is the thing: I get if your 10th grader doesn't want to bother with back-to-school photos. They're too cool for stuff like that, right? At least they like to pretend to be! BUT... there is a short amount of time in our children's life where they LOOK FORWARD to going back to school! School is FUN. School is a place of excitement and wonder, of learning and experimenting. What better way to set up that excitement for your child than to plan a "Back-to-School" Photo Shoot? On top of that, you will have an adorable reminder to save for the future of your children each year as they prepare to get smarter! Personally, I have a collection of back-to-school and first-day-of-school pictures that I plan on putting into a book when my children graduate. What an amazing memory that will be to look back on!

switch it up

It's easy to fall into the habit of using the SAME photo each year. Lets face it, when we think Back to School, we generally think along the same lines. Desk, chalkboard, an apple. And those are awesome props for a Back to School Photo! But switch up the posing and the props. Make them interactive. Put the child IN the classroom or bring the classroom into the forest. If you know me and my style AT ALL, you know that the more out-of-the-ordinary you go, the more I love it!

a word of caution

As I said, these photos make amazing memories! However, please use caution when posting your Back to School Photos on Social Media. I see it every year. Someone posts an ADORABLE picture of their kindergartner holding a sign (or standing next to a sign) that says the child's full name, school, teacher, social security number... ok maybe not that last one but you get the point. Now, this is fine- there is nothing wrong with these super cute photos. Just please remember that, if you post them on social media, anyone with access to your profile now has all of that information about your child along with a picture of them. On a personal note, I have spoken to my children's' school and am confident with their pickup policies. They are a gated school and I know that absolutely NOBODY who isn't on my list can pick my child up, but imagine if a school doesn't have that policy. It would be incredibly easy for somebody to walk in with your child's information and say they are a friend of the family here to pick your child up. Just think about it.

(on a completely random note here: my kids and I have a password. I have stressed to them from an extremely young age that they are not to get in the car with ANYBODY who doesn't have the password- no matter if they know them or not. I have had my best friend call me, annoyed, because she couldn't remember the password and my kids refused to go with her but, hey, better safe than sorry!)

This year, I am offering a back to school photo composite that is similar to those signs but without any super personal info. Let me know if you would like one made up with your child!!!

in conculusion

Back to School photos provide an amazing memory of your child's early school years. They can be used to prepare your kindergartner for school, to get your elementary excited for the upcoming school year, or just to have that special memento to remember this fleeting time in their lives. As long as you use caution in what is ON your photos, a Back to School Shoot is a super fun way to celebrate your child's growth!